Monday, 7 October 2013

Breastfeeding - Pros and Cons

Breastfeeding; Pros and Cons


·         Every time he feeds he is bonding with me
·         He is getting all of my anti-bodies and his body is learning to fight bugs and germs
·         It’s all natural
·         It’s free
·         It’s always available
·         It comes out at just the right temperature
·         Fewer illnesses when he is older
·         Less chance of developing eczema (I have always suffered with it, so hopefully he won’t!
·         Lowers my risk of getting some cancers.
·         I am 2 stone lighter (Nearly 2.5 thanks to Slimming world) than I was when I got pregnant, as breastfeeding naturally uses up to 500 extra calories per day!

·         You are the person who feeds him, so night feeds can be hard and tiring
·         Your boobs leak, you can rarely take your bra off.
·         Your boobs hurt when filling up (Not unbareable though!)
·         I don’t enjoy feeding in public.
·         It doesn’t stop trapped wind!!! Trapped wind and colic are, apparently 2 different things.
·         He eats what you eat!
·         You can’t drink, and if you do, you have to express it and dump it (Seems like a waste, I have had 1 drink in 10 months!)

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  1. how much do you have to express then if you have a drink? I think you've done so well for breast feeding for as long as you have, when I have a baby if I can breast feed for as long as you have I'll be well pleased, my mum only managed 10 days and i bet you've saved a fortune in milk formula! x